All our employees are equipped as follows:

Antistatic clothing, including

  • Flame retardant work suits and flame retardant raincoats, lace-up boots, protective helmets
  • If necessary, flame-retardant shirts and winter boots

Complete electrician/metalworker toolkit including measuring device

  • If required also with SWAGELOK, a tube bender and tube cutter, Ridgid tube bender, saw device, pipe deburrer and various tension tools.

We continually carry out professional and work safety training courses and review them:

  • Each of our employees has at least a valid G25 and G41. However, other G investigations can also be carried out
  • Each employee has a personal safety log book
  • Domestic employees have an SCC016 (Contractors' Safety Certificate)
  • Employees working abroad have an SCC018 or SCC017
  • If required, we can also carry out training courses in other areas, eg welding