Professional areas

We currently employ very well qualified and experienced technicians in the following areas:

  • Electricians
  • MCR technicians
  • Commissioning experts/Inspectors
  • Mechanical fitters
  • Small tube/impulse line installation

Additional qualifications

Some of our employees have additional qualifications such as:

  • 10 kV switch authorisation
  • Forklift licence
  • Safety Officers/Security Officers
  • Crane permits
  • First aid staff
  • Foremen/Technicians/Engineers
  • Swagelok training
  • Hilti training


Areas of Activity

With our motivated and flexible staff, we can support you on your construction sites or in your business with the following tasks:

  • Cable pulling/E installation
  • Wiring and connection of electrical installations
  • Switch cabinet construction
  • Electrical trace heating
  • Medium voltage technology/Cable terminations
  • MCR technology
  • Loop check/inspection work
  • Commissioning/troubleshooting
  • Extension of cableways (pallets and guards)
  • Manufacture and assembly of brackets, foundations, etc.
  • Assembly of all kinds of components
  • Welding (welder without inspection)
  • Armature and power plant services
  • Installation of pipelines and ducts
  • Small tube fitting (Ermeto/Swagelok)
  • Documentation
  • Site management and monitoring