About us - Osterkamp

We have been working for our customers as a respected trade and craft business since 1889.

The companies Ostmon Elektromontage GmbH and Osterkamp Techno Support GmbH are registered electrical trade guild companies. In addition, both companies have personnel leasing licences under the German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG), as well as certification under the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and the SCP. This flexibility enables us to provide you with suitable support for your projects.

Our professional specialism is industrial engineering, with a focus on chemistry, petrochemicals, gas technology, power plants, paper and pulp works and plant construction. In addition to our classic work in electrical and MCR technology, we can also undertake the related metalwork, including the installation of pneumatic and hydraulic control systems. Furthermore, all four companies are permitted to work in nuclear facilities pursuant to section 15 of the Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV). We work on industrial sites at home and abroad including in the Ruhr district, northern and southern Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our customers enjoy our collegial and straightforward cooperation. Reliability, honesty, fairness and competence form the basis of our approach.

Our group of companies consists of the following companies