Current job vacancies

We welcome good employees with the following qualifications:

We are looking for technicians in the electrical trade, for example, those with a skilled worker qualification as:

  • Electricians
  • Electrical fitters (industrial)
  • Industrial electricians
  • Electrical engineers
  • Measurement and control technicians
  • Operations, monitoring and control engineers

and in the area of metalwork, e.g. with a skilled worker qualification as:

  • maintenance mechanics
  • machinery and equipment fitters
  • works mechanics
  • construction mechanics
  • agricultural machinery technicians
  • mechanical engineers.

Furthermore, we are looking for specialists and executives to work on cross-regional construction sites. We need:

  • PLC specialists for programming and/or commissioning (mainly S7)
  • Programmers for process control systems (InTouch, WinCCI)
  • Electrical designers for Eplan and other CAD systems
  • Standstill controllers for chemical plants and refineries
  • Site managers for large and small construction sites
  • Site managers for nuclear installations
  • Construction workers
  • Start-up engineers
  • Inspectors/Loopcheckers
  • QM and documentation specialists


We would like to hear from freelancers who are interested in working with us on our construction sites.

Vacation work staff

Please get in touch if you have a completed vocational training for the electrical and metalwork industries.