Specialist Divisions

Metal workers for mechanics

The focus of activities in metal work is extending and converting the cable laying infrastructure.
Cable support systems, cable trays, platforms, cable ducts, and protective tubes are installed according to documentation taking into account the on-site conditions.
Processing and machining different profile steels (galvanised, VA) requires experience and the safe handling of assembly drawings.
The performance spectrum is supplemented by the mechanical assembly of control cabinets, engines, and pumps.

Industrial electrician

The application area of ​​our industrial electrician ranges from industrial installation to the maintenance and repair of complex industrial systems in the fields of chemistry, petrochemical, gas technology, power plants, pulp and paper manufacturing, and plant engineering.
Connection work of various loads in the field or wiring in switching rooms also requires good professional training and qualifications.
Safely handling switching and clamping plans is a given.

MSR - Skilled technicians

In addition to energy supply and distribution, measurement, control, and regulation technology is an essential component of electrical engineering. It extends from the installation of the measuring point in the field to the control room to the work in the control room.
The range of services offered by our MSR specialists extends from assembling industrial process control systems, including the installation and maintenance of automation systems for production and process engineering systems, to the commissioning of industrial plants.
Checking and setting measuring circuits, called loop check work, requires plant and system knowledge. Handling a wide range of measuring instruments, hard-commutators, and loops requires very good professional experience.
Only the MSR technicians with professional training in measurement and control mechanics, process control electronics, electronic technicians in automation technology, and skilled technicians in BMSR technology are employed in this department.

Small tubes for installing pulse lines

In analytical technology, pulse lines or differential pressure lines are used for a wide range of applications such as flow measurement, differential pressure measurements, and valve control with control air.
In addition to the manufacture and assembly of the required brackets and consoles, assembling small tubes mainly comprises cutting, bending, and laying stainless steel pipes in the usual sizes 6 x 1 mm, 12 x 1.5 mm, 18 x 1.5 mm and 22 x 2 mm by manual bending.
The connections at the measuring points and the analyser cabinets are made via screwing technology. Depending on the specifications, Parker Ermeto, Gyrolok and Swagelok products are mainly used.
Our small tube fitters are equipped with the necessary special tools, such as hand bends, VA tube cutters, deburrers, and saw blades. They are experienced in dealing with the special assembly regulations of the individual manufacturers as well as their cutting and clamping ring fittings.
Working safely with the documentation and the pipe performance and instrument flow diagram in plant and process engineering is an important component for assembling pulse lines.